Faze Rugs Phone Number 2024 – Contact Faze Rug Easily

Do you love to watch Youtube streamers? If yes then you must know Faze Rugs who is famous for his amazing and unique videos on YouTube. He has so many followers on social media and subscribers on Youtube as well. If you are one of his fans then you will surely love the latest Faze Rugs phone number we will provide here. We will also provide answers to some mostly asked questions such as who are the Faze Rugs? What is the address of Faze Rugs? Where Faze Rugs live and how to get a new Faze Rugs mobile number.

What Is Faze Rugs Phone Number 2024?

Faze Rug real number is +1(574)358-4266 which you have to dial on your mobile to call Faze Rug easily. All you have to do is dial the Faze Rug phone number on your device and press the call button. This is the first way by which you can contact Faze Rug by using your mobile phone. However, you can also use the social media details of Faze Rug to contact him directly.

What Is FaZe Rug Real Name?

Faze Rug’s real name is Brian Rafat Awadis but most people know him as Faze Rug. This might be due to his social media platforms where he mentioned him as a Faze rug. From the link below, you can visit all of Faze Rugs’ social media accounts to contact him. However, you can also call him using the above-mentioned Faze Rugs phone number.

Where To Get Faze Rug Number?

Here at phonenumberdetails.com, you can easily get the latest or new Faze Rugs phone number. Our team always tries to provide all the new and working phone number details of celebrities, actors, Titktoker and so on. Here you can also get mobile numbers of famous personalities such as Jojo Siwa phone number, Techno Gamerz phone number, and so on.

Faze Rugs Social Media Details 2024

Below here we have tried to provide all the social media details of Faze Rugs on our site.

Faze Rugs Facebook PageFacebook
Instagram PageClick Here
Twitter AccountTwitter Page
Faze Rug YoutubeYouTube Account

How Do I Contact Faze Rugs In 2024?

You can use the +1(574)358-4266 Faze Rugs phone number 2024 or his social media details like Instagram, and Twitter to contact him. Both ways are best if you want to contact Faze Rug without having a mediator or connector.

Is There Any Faze Rug WhatsApp Number?

No, there is nothing like the Faze Rugs WhatsApp number available. However, you can add faze rug real phone number to your Whatsapp contact to check if he is available on Whatsapp or not. The Faze Rugs phone number is +1(574)358-4266. Just dial this number on your phone and contact Faze Rug easily.

How To Get A Real Faze Rug Cell Phone Number?

There are so many websites claiming that they provide the latest and real Faze Rug number to you. But they never complete their phone number and fall their users into a trap. If you want to get the real Faze Rug phone number, it is available here.

About Faze Rug Life (Faze Rug Wiki)

Faze Rug is a YouTuber with over 7 million subscribers. He is known for his Call of Duty videos, but he also does vlogs and other types of videos. Rug was born in 1997 in San Diego, California. When he was younger, he moved around a lot because his father was in the military. He has lived in many different places, including Japan and Italy. 

Rug started making YouTube videos when he was in high school. He would make videos with his friends about anything and everything. His friends would often appear in his videos, and they became known as the Faze Clan. 

Rug’s popularity grew quickly, and he soon had millions of followers. In 2016, he was named one of the top 10 most influential teens by Time magazine.

Rug started out making videos with friends in 2012, and his following grew quickly. In 2015, he was signed to the FaZe Clan gaming team. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Faze Rugs phone number has been leaked online in the past, but he has since changed it. If you want to contact him, you can reach him through social media or email.

What Is the Leaked Faze Rug Phone Number?

The Faze Rugs number is +1(574)358-4266 by which you can try to contact him easily.

What Is Faze Rug’s New Address?

Faze Rug’s new address is San Diego, California, United States.

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