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Apple has been one of the most popular brands due to its premium and fancy products for a long time. This Company keeps providing new phones, technologies, and accessories to its customers. But some of the time users get problems with their products and then they need advice or help from experts. So today we will tell you what is Apple customer care number 2024 to make sure you get a solution related to your Apple product. So without wasting your time let’s get to the Apple service number directly.

What Is Apple Customer Care Number?

The Apple customer care number 2024 is 1-800-275-2273, if you are living in the United States. But if you are a resident of another country then you might have to dial another Apple customer care phone number for support service.

You might don’t know but the Apple company includes different customer care numbers for every country. It provides an easy to access network and smooth connection to their customers. Below we have provided all the Apple Customer service numbers from which you can choose yours according to your location.

How Do I Contact Apple Customer Care?

To contact Apple customer care service you can simply dial its support service number. You can choose your country according to the Apple helpline number from below here.

United States & Canada Apple Customer Care Numbers:-

United States Apple Customer Care no1-800-275-2273
Canada (English)1-800-263-3394
Canada (French)1-800-263-3394

Latin America and the Caribbean (Apple Support Number)


European Countries (Apple Customer Care Phone Number)

Austria0800 220325
Greece00800 4414 5417
Belgium0800 80 404
Hungary06 80 983 435
Romania0800 400138
Bulgaria00800 6002 7753
Ireland1800 804 062
Russia8 800 555 6734
Croatia0800 222 427
Slovakia0800 178661
Cyprus800 92433
Latvia800 03251
Slovenia0800 80321
Czech Republic800 700527
Liechtenstein0800 00 1853
Luxembourg800 24550
Switzerland0800 00 18532
Finland0800 96372
Malta800 62072
Turkey00800 4488 298782
Netherland0800 0201581
France0805 540 003
Norway240 55133
Ukraine0800 509 382
United Kingdom0800 107 6285
Poland00800 4411875
Germany0800 6645 451

Asia Pacific Countries (Apple Customer Service Numbers)

Australia(61) 1-300-321-456
South Korea080 333 4000
China Mainland400-666-8800
Macau(853) 6262-1631
Malaysia1-800 803 638
Thailand1800 019 900
Fiji(61) 1-300-321-456
New Zealand0800 1 27753
Tonga(61) 1-300-321-456
Pakistan00800 01001
Vanuatu(61) 1-300-321-456
Hongkong(852) 2112-0099
Papua New Guinea(61) 1-300-321-456
Vietnam1800 1127
India000800 1009009

Middle East Countries Apple Customer Care Numbers

Lebanon01 426 801
Saudi Arabia800844 9724
United Arab Emirates8000 444 0407

Is There A 24 Hour Apple Support Number?

The Apple Customer service number 24 hours is 000 800 100 9009 that you can dial with any mobile. By calling this number you can get help for your any Apple product at 24/7. This number is officially provided by the Apple company so you don’t have to worry about any third party.

Is Apple Customer Service Call Free?

Not all the Apple customer care numbers are toll free numbers to call. You have to use a specific Apple toll free number to get any kind of answer from Apple support for free. Without Apple care toll free number you will be charged with local and national telephone rates. However, if you have a landline in your home then you can call the customer care number of Apple for free.

For Which Products You Can Get Help On Apple Customer Care Number 2024?

By calling on Apple number customer service you can get help for various products. This list includes iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The Apple Support team can deal with and answer any diagnosis of your hardware and software. You can take help from your Apple business manager by calling the Apple store customer care number.

What Is Special Apple iPhone Customer Care Number 2024?

The Apple iPhone customer service number is 000800 040 1966 that you have to dial for any iPhone related help. You can call on this number for your order tracking or information about your product billing. If unfortunately this number does not work in your country then you can dial the country specific Apple Customer service number. Above here we have provided all country Apple Helpline numbers, so you can get yours there easily.

Is There Any Indian Customer Care Number of Apple?

Yes, the Apple company includes Apple customer care number 24 hours India. Just dial 000800 1009009 and you can get a solution for any problem related to your Apple product. By using this number you will get connected to your nearest Apple customer service center for better solutions. However, we don’t know if this number includes Hindi or not, so call and help us to update this article.

What Is Apple Care Toll Free Number?

You can dial Apple customer care number from any landline to make it toll free call for you.

What Is Apple Customer Care Email ID?

As of now there is no Apple support email id to solve user queries on Gmail. So it will be better for you to use Apple Care number.

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