Lotto Phone Number 2024 – Contact Lotto Customer Care

Lotto is an Italian sportswear brand and is popular for its shoes, trousers, etc. It also offers clothes and other accessories for both male and female users. If you have purchased the clothes of Lotto or want to purchase in the future then it is better to use the Lotton Phone number. Using this number will help you to reach out to the support team of Lotton. You can ask them about any Lotton products or can get any of your queries resolved.

What Is The Lotto Phone Number 2024?

The major phone number of Lotto is +39 0423 6181. This number is valid for users of Italy and New Zealand. By using this number, you will be able to reach out the customer support team of Lotto from any part of New Zealand and Italy.

Lotto Phone Number Italy+39 0423 6181

So, use this number to reach out to the customer support team of Lotton to solve your queries or enquire about something.

What Is The Phone Number Of Lotto For Other Users?

The Lotto phone number for users residing other than Italy and New Zealand is +39 0418380041. You can use this number from any part of the world to contact the Lotto support team. Though, this number can only be used between 8:30am to 1pm and from 2.30 pm to 6pm.

So, use this number to contact the Lotto support team easily from any part of the world.

Other Methods That You Can Use To Contact Lotto Support Team

Above, we shared with you the phone number of Lotto. This number can easily let you contact any Lotto customer care executive. But apart from the methods mentioned above, you can use the following ways to reach out to the Lotto support team:

Contact Lotto Customer Support Through Email

The first method that you can try is to reach out to the support team of Lotto through its email address. The official Lotto email address is 

Contact Lotto Customer Support Online

The next method that you can try is contacting Lotto online. There are two different methods that you can follow. Let’s know about them one-by-one.

First Method:

For this, just visit the official website of Lotto. Now, click on the contact us option. Now there, just fill in the given form and click on the submit button. So, you will be reached out by the Lotto customer support team to solve your queries.

Second Method:

To apply this method, visit the official website of Lotto. There you will find the live chat box at the right of the windows. There, just fill in the required details to start the live chat with a Lotto customer care executive.

So, these are the simple steps that you can to follow to contact Lotto. In case, if Lotto phone number doesn’t work for you then you can try the mentioned methods.

What Is The Time To Contact Lotto?

There is a limited time during which you can use the Lotto contact number to reach its support team. These timings are as follows:

Timing To Use Lotto Phone Number

If you are using the Lotto contact number then you should use it between 8:30 am to 1 pm in the morning. Whereas, the timing to contact them in the evening is 2.30 pm to 6 pm.

Timing To Contact Lotto Online

If you are trying to reach out to Lotto online then you can contact them anytime without any restriction.

So, these are the timings that you need to follow to contact its support team.

What Is Lotto Phone Number Australia?

The phone number for Lotto that you can use from Australia is +39 0418380041.

Is There Any Lotto Phone Number Lebanon?

Sorry, we researched a lot about it but didn’t find any phone number of Lotto for the users of Lebanon.

What Is The Lotto Phone Number NZ?

The Lotto phone number for New Zealand users is +39 0423 6181. You can use it to reach out the support team of Lotto from any part of New Zealand.

Is It Safe To Use The Lotto Contact Number 2024?

Yes, it is completely safe to use any of the phone numbers of Lotto that we have mentioned above. You can use any of them without any worry.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Lotto Phone Number?

It is completely free to use the Lotto contact number. To use this number, you need to pay a single penny.

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