Dialog Customer Care Number 2024

Dialog is one of the biggest telecom operators of Srilanka. Apart from Srilanka, it also has its services spread to some other Asian countries. It is very reputed and is known for providing high-quality calling and internet services to its users. Apart from telecommunications services, the TV and other electronic equipment of Dialog are also very popular. However, if you are facing any issues with its services or want to enquire about something then it is better to use the Dialog customer care number. So, that’s why here, we will tell you about the customer care number of Dialog. Well, will also tell you about the country-specific number that you can use to contact it according to the country in which you are residing.

What Is Dialog Customer Care Number?

The Dialog customer care number is 00 94 77 756 7567 that you can use if you reside in Sri Lanka. This number will help you to directly talk to any of the customer care executives of Dialog. But this number will not work for you if you don’t reside in Sri Lanka. So, let’s know about Dialog customer care contact number of locations other than Sri Lanka.

Dialog Custome Care Number For Other Locations

As we have stated, Dialog provides different customer care numbers for different geographic locations. These numbers are as follows:

Colombo+94 77 767 8678
Kurunegala+94 77 767 8678
Tamil0777 087 917
Gampaha+94 77 758 9589
Jaffna+94 77 776 7967
Galle0777 087 917
Matale0777 087 917
Kalmunai0777 678 697
Vavuniya0777 087 917

Customer Care Number Of Dialog For Electronic Gadgets

In the previous section, we told you about the Dialog customer service number for telecommunication-related services. However, if you are using any of its electronic gadgets then you need to use these support numbers of Dialog:

Dialog Television Customer Care Number0777 679679
Dialog TV Customer Care Number Colombo0777 087 917
Dialog Router Customer Care Number0777678678
Dialog Broadband Customer Care Number117100100
Dialog EZ Cash Customer Care Number7111

How Do I Contact Dialog Customer Care?

To contact the customer care service of Dialog, you just need to use any of the numbers that we have mentioned. Apart from using these numbers, you can also talk to its customer care using the Dialog WhatsApp number. Apart from this, you can also contact its support team using the official mail ID of the Dialog.

What Is The Dialog Customer Care Number WhatsApp?

One of the simplest methods to reach out to the support team of Dialog is by using its WhatsApp care number. The Dialog customer care number WhatsApp is 0777 678 678. You can use this number anytime from anywhere to contact the Dialog customer service team. This number will also help you to solve any type of your query.

How To Use The Dialog Customer Care Number?

To use the customer care number of the Dialog, you just need to apply the following steps:

  1. Open your phone’s calling app.
  2. Now, dial any of the above-mentioned numbers according to your location.
  3. Doing this will start an IVR for you.
  4. Now just select the correct option to reach any of the customer care executives of the Dialog.

How Can I Talk To The Dialog Customer Care?

To talk to the customer care executive of Dialog, you just need to need to dial the Dialog customer care number that we have mentioned above. This will help you to directly get in touch with any of the customer care executives of Dialog.

How Can I Use The WhatsApp Number Of Dialog?

To use the WhatsApp customer care number of the Dialog:

  1. Just launch your WhatsApp app.
  2. Now, type ‘Hi’ and send it to Dialog customer care number WhatsApp 0777 678 678.
  3. After this, you will receive an automated reply.
  4. Now, just follow the correct options to get your queries solved.

Email ID Of Dialog Customer Care

The official email ID of Dialog is service@dialog.lk. You can use this email ID to register any complaint or enquire about something. Apart from this, it can also help you to get your roaming-related tissues solved.

FAQs Regarding Dialog Customer Care Number

Is It Free To Use The Dialog Customer Care?

All the customer care numbers of Dialog that we have mentioned above are toll-free. You can use any one of them without paying any cost.

Who Can Use The Dialog Customer Care Number?

Any user, residing in any part of the world can use this customer care number to reach out to the support team of Dialog.

What Is Dialog Hotline?

Dialog Hotline are basically the customer care number of Dialog that a user can use to reach out the support team of Dialog.

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