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Ajay our beloved Ajju Bhai is one of the most loved YouTubers and is known for his gameplay videos. If you watch his videos then you might be surely fond of his gaming. If the case is so then you might be looking for his phone to contact him. So, here we will tell you about the Ajju Bhai phone number real, Ajju Bhai WhatsApp number, Ajju Bhai email ID, etc. Apart from this, we will also tell you a lot more information about Ajju Bhai along with his address and website. So now let’s start discussing more about Ajju Bhai.

Who Is Ajju Bhai?

Ajay or Ajju Bhai or Ajjubhai94 is a very popular Indian YouTuber and gamer. He is mainly known for playing and live streaming Free Fire game and is the owner of the Total Gaming YouTube channel. Playing this game helped him to get a lot of popularity. Apart from playing Freefire, you may also find him playing GTA 5 on his YouTube channel.

Moving towards his early life, he was born in Ahemdabad in a middle-class family. He lives with his father, mother, and sibling. He completed his early education from a public school then he got enrolled in programming.

Now, without digging deep into his personal life, let’s know what the number of Ajju Bhai is.

Real NameAjay
NicknameAjju Bhai And Ajjubhai94
ProfessionGamer, YouTuber
Born InAhmedabad, Gujrat

What Is Ajju Bhai Phone Number?

The real phone number of Ajju Bhai or Ajay is +91-808-4715-XXX. Using this number will help you to contact him easily. This is of the simplest ways to contact Ajju Bhai is by using his phone number. You can also use this number either to text him or contact him through WhatsApp.

Ajju Bhai Phone Number+91-808-4715-XXX
Ajju Bhai WhatsApp Number+91-808-4715-XXX
Ajay Bhai Manager NumberNot Available

So, these are the various contact number that you can use to contact Ajju Bhai. If you want to contact Ajju Bhai for business purposes then it is better to contact him through his mail ID besides using the phone number of Ajay. The business mail ID of Ajay or Ajju Bhai or Ajjubhai94 is totalgaming094official@gmail.com.

Ajju Bhai Email IDtotalgaming094official@gmail.com

Ajju Bhai Social Accounts

Apart from using Ajju Bhai phone number, you can also use his social accounts to contact him. The various social media platforms where you can find Ajju Bhai are:

Ajju Bhai Facebook IDhttps://www.facebook.com/totalgaming093
Ajju Bhai Instagram IDTotalgaming_official
Ajay Bhai Twitter HandleTotal_gaming093Total_gaming093

Apart from using these social media platforms, you can also get in touch with Ajju Bhai through his discord server. His discord server id is http://bit.ly/totalgamingdiscprd. So, use this ID to get in touch of him.

Ajju Bhai Discord IDhttp://bit.ly/totalgamingdiscprd

YouTube Journey Of Ajju Bhai

As stated, Ajju Bhai is one of the most popular gamers of India and got fame through his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel name is “Total Gaming” and was started by him in 2018. In the early stage, he was mostly played Free Fire and some of the versions of GTA. Also, he used to live-stream his gameplay videos which helped him to gain a lot of popularity.

Later on, he also started playing a lot more games including Call of Duty, Pubg, etc. Now, his channel has more than 1600 gameplay videos and has a whopping 29 million-plus subscribers. Additionally, he has aggregated views of more than 5 billion.

Apart from the “Total Gaming” channel he also has some other YouTube channels. These channels are Toltal Gaming Live, Ajjubhai, and TG Highlights. All these channels also have an aggregate of 7 million-plus subscribers. So, this was a bit more about the YouTube channel of our beloved Ajju Bhai.

Does Ajju Bhai Have Any Website?

No, Ajju Bhai doesn’t have any website. We researched a lot about the same but didn’t find anything regarding the website of Ajjubhai94. So, it is better to either use Ajju Bhai’s phone number or his social accounts to contact him.

What Is The Best Method To Contact Ajju Bhai?

In this article, we told you about the various methods to contact Ajju Bhai. Now, if you really want to contact him then you might be wondering what method is best to try. Well, there is very little possibility to find him through his phone number. So, if you really want to contact Ajjubhai then it is suggested to reach him through his social media accounts. Apart from this, you can also try using his discord server account. And for business purposes, you should contact him through the email ID that we have mentioned above.

So, these were the simple methods along with the Ajju Bhai phone number that you can use to contact him easily. You can try any of these methods to reach him out.

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